And remember that the initial residence permit is not a permanent residence permit- you can apply for this after you have been in the country five years. You can apply online or print off the following applications and mail. Otherwise, I really cant provide you with any better information than what you would find on the Migrationsverket website. I applied for and obtained a residence permit as a non-EU citizen married to an EU citizen who registered her right to reside in Sweden. Spouse Requirements for you to Apply for an Uppehållskort. Migrationsverket writes on its wait time webpage that paper applications are processed in 14 months and online applications take 10 months. These, along with all other applications and questionnaires, can be found on Migrationsverkets forms page. Once you are in Sweden (and if you have been there all along and receive this notification) you will need to make an appointment to get your fingerprints and photograph taken. You will also be wondering if you can apply when you are already in Sweden. As you are a non-Swede and member of a non-European Union country, your spouse must meet certain obligations to sponsor you, and your children if you have any. To do this you will need to apply with the Swedish Tax Authority, also known as Skatteverket. Whether you apply online or by mail, you will need to include certain documents with your application, and these must be in either Swedish or English: Main application for Residence Permit form 161011, if you are moving as a spouse/partner.

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This procedure is essentially the same for any non-EU citizen applying to live in Sweden through marriage to an EU citizen (and a similar process for marriage to a Swedish citizen, however Swedish citizens cannot bring their spouses to Sweden immediately). You may also need to include additional information as specified in your application, such as bank account statements, proof of health insurance, etc. It is prominently advertised that if you apply online your wait time will be significantly less. These are the types of questions are answered in the forum section below. It is possible for Migrationsverket the government agency in charge of issuing residence cards to issue a residence permit, known in Swedish as an uppehållskort, sooner, and in some cases this process does not cost anything. I havent had anyone write who successfully completed the process in this way yet, but here are two points of relevant discussion ( point 1, point 2 if you are not married and have not previously lived together. That also meant waiting another two weeks for the next available appointment, so make sure to monitor this process and mark the dates on your calendar. Most important of all, I would encourage anyone who asks a question to post back later with details about how their situation turns out. If you are abroad and notified by mail that you are qualified to obtain a residence permit you may enter Sweden by presenting this notification and your valid passport if you do not need an additional visa. You can search for keywords on this page by pressing ctrlf (cmdf on an Apple) Visitor Comments by Category The following discussions are sorted by these categories: Health insurance and healthcare in Sweden Questions regarding engagements, marriage, and common-law partnerships Applying. Applying for a residence permit while staying in Sweden Moving from Norway to Sweden, got married in Sweden, now applying for a residence permit Application for moving to someone in Sweden to marry VS coming to Sweden as a tourist and marrying.

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What if you want to marry a Swede, apply in sexbutik online sexkontakt göteborg your home country, and then travel to Sweden on a tourist visa, returning to your home country before your visa expires? When you Arrive Make sure to bring the following documents with you when you come to Sweden: Marriage certificate or proof of union and if possible, proof that the marriage is registered in the arriving spouse/partners home country. If your spouse or partner is Swedish or a permanent resident, he or she will simply need to obtain a family status report/civic registration (Familjebevis för uppehållstillstånd) from the Swedish Tax Agency (. Application for a residence permit to come to Sweden and marry/cohabit with your spouse/common law partner (not yet married or have recension första gången eskort runka no prior history of cohabitation). Coming to Sweden/Travel While Residence Permit Application is Being Processed Studying / Student Status in Sweden Additional Advertisements. If you need a visa to enter Sweden you should contact your countrys Swedish embassy where you can be photographed and fingerprinted. Additional Information Waiting Times I applied for my residence permit within Sweden as a non-EU member moving to an EU eskort malmo äldre män knullar member registered in Sweden whom I had married abroad. It took about six months before the permit came in the mail, and that is including one month that got burned because my photographs were lost. Residence card and personnummer Tourist visa expiring soon for non-EU citizen, applying for residence permit allows overstay? A home with at least a kitchen or kitchenette, a living room and bedroom for two people, and one additional bedroom for additional children, with two children being able to share one room. If you are moving to a Swede or permanent resident, the person you are moving to must obtain a family status report (Familjebevis för uppehållstillstånd) from the Swedish Tax Agency (. Recent changes in the law mean that EU citizens are also subject to the maintenance requirement. In my case Migrationsverket lost the photographs they took of me at their main office in Solna and I only discovered this after my residence permit was late in arriving by two weeks, and then only. As a non-EU citizen you are also subject to the maintenance requirement. This agency is completely separate from Migrationsverket, and an application for your personal number (personnummer) that allows you to work involves many of the same documents you will have submitted for your residence permit. If you have questions about immigrating to Sweden that arent based on my own situation (and even if you do please check through the following links and comment directory. I was living in Sweden from start to finish when I applied and it took about six months until I received a residence permit that was valid for five years. If you have a child under 18, use form 163011, fees : SEK 1,500 for adults and SEK 750 for each child. This requirement includes: Proof of employment or capacity to provide financial support. Here are the rules for that: If your spouse or partner (you are already married or you have lived together abroad) is Swedish or a permanent resident you will need to apply through the Swedish embassy in your. If you are moving to a non-Swede, EU state member spouse/partner then submit a marriage certificate or documents showing you have lived together. Is there an expedited processing time due to children? Perhaps I can offer useful suggestions for you if you are in a very similar situation as myself. Online you have two choices for an application route: Application for a residence permit to join your spouse or common-law partner (already married or have cohabited abroad). Non-EU citizen getting married to Swede abroad, then moving to Sweden Married non-EU and EU (not Swedish) citizens moving to Sweden: requirements Moving to Sweden with a long-term (permanent) EU residence card EU citizen moving to Sweden, having non-EU spouse join.

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